25 July 2016

AMM 2016 Report

AMM 2016 Report

PASMA held its Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) mini-conference in Birmingham on 1 July. The event began with two workshops in the morning and concluded with the AMM itself, which comprised of a number of engaging presentations and guest speakers.

First on was PASMA’s Head of Operations, Communication and Innovation, Maarten de Vries. Maarten used his vast skillset and experience in project management to deliver a workshop on how using the PRINCE2 project management method - alongside innovative online applications - can help increase productivity and produce better project outcomes.

Concluding the morning’s workshops was the PASMA auditing team, whose highly informative workshop benefited PASMA training instructors by giving them invaluable advice on ways to ensure their training centres are the best they can possibly be.

In the afternoon, PASMA Council Chairman, Carl Evans, and Managing Director, Peter Bennett, opened the meeting by reporting on another busy and successful year for the association, both in the UK and internationally. In his address, Carl referred to the pace of life in general, but in particular to the pace of change at PASMA as it develops and evolves to better serve both its members and the industry at large.

Retiring Training Committee Chairman, Steve Booker, took the stage to look forward to the imminent release of further advanced training modules, including ‘Towers with bridging units’ and ‘Linked towers and facades’, and to welcome his successor – John McNeilly.

PASMA Technical Director, Don Aers, then reported on the work in hand to develop the product standards that underpin the industry.

The Chairman of the Hire and Assembly Committee, Richard Fairfield, explained the principal aims of his committee. First, to improve and validate the quality of the people working in the sector. Second, to further raise the quality of the work being undertaken. Third, to ensure that practitioners adhere to a common methodology, and fourth, to grow the market for advanced tower configurations.

Newly appointed PASMA Head of Strategic Engagement and Enterprise, Jason Carlton, then introduced himself and spoke of his plans to develop PASMA’s relationship with its member base and advance new methods of engagement.

Maarten de Vries took the stage once again and spoke current projects such as the enhancements to PASMA’s online training registration portal and the introduction of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project to create a virtual learning environment.

And finally, PASMA welcomed their overseas representatives, Dave Bass and Jason Woods, to report on the progress they have made expanding PASMA’s reach in South Africa and the Middle East.

Delegates also heard from special guest speakers, including Andy McGrory of the Health & Safety Executive, who explored how technical innovation can improve safety and the standard for advance tower structures, BS 1139-6. Also speaking was Hire Association Europe (HAE) Managing Director, Graham Arundell, who expanded on the closer links between his association and PASMA following the signing of the recent Memorandum of Understanding by the two organisations.

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