13 November 2012

Zero-tolerance against bogus training providers

Zero-tolerance against bogus training providers

Due to the undisputed recognition and popularity of the PASMA name as the sole industry-recognised training scheme for mobile access towers, the Association has been made aware that a small number of unscrupulous companies are attempting to pass themselves off as PASMA Training Members, without having shown that they meet the industry standards needed to become an accredited PASMA member.

There is certainly no guarantee that these fake PASMA training companies will offer the quality of training required and expected within the industry. Instead, training from these organisations is likely to lead to wrong or outdated information being given as well as sub-standard training, which could clearly create a very real safety risk and is, therefore, a waste of time and money.

It is also certain that training from these providers will not result in any delegate receiving a legitimate PASMA training card and certificate. The PASMA card is widely recognised as the only proof of competence for mobile access towers, and without authentic cards workers could be turned away from sites.

Peter Bennett, PASMA’s Managing Director, said: “As PASMA sets the highest standards for its training instructors and centres, delegates must ensure that they are being trained by a genuine approved centre. The popularity and renowned quality of our courses has led to some companies trying to jump on the bandwagon without having met the industry standard criteria on which PASMA insists.”

“We take this matter very seriously and are adopting a zero-tolerance approach to these fake PASMA training firms to ensure we maintain the credibility that the industry expects. We urge anybody considering PASMA training to double check the authenticity of the company and, if in any doubt, to contact PASMA.”

To avoid the risk of receiving sub-standard training from a provider, check the PASMA website, which lists authentic accredited members and training centres under the “Find A Training Centre” section.

If a company is not listed on the PASMA website but is still promoting training using the PASMA name and logo, please report this to info@pasma.co.uk. PASMA takes this issue very seriously, and will not hesitate to take legal action to combat misuse.

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