22 July 2013

Knowledge Base talks released on PAS 250 & pavement licence

Knowledge Base talks released on PAS 250 & pavement licence

This year PASMA once more took part in the Access Industry Forum's (AIF) Knowledge Base at the Safety & Health Expo (SHE) 2013. The event, held on May 14-16, was the last ever to be held at Birmingham's NEC.

PASMA's Technical Director Don Aers took to the stage to give two seminars for PASMA - one discussing the new PAS 250 standard for low level work platforms or "podiums", and the other introducing PASMA's new pavement licence guidance for those using a mobile access tower on a public highway.

The talks attracted professionals from around the industry, as they offered the first opportunity to hear about these new developments straight from PASMA and have questions addressed.

These projects were spearheaded in large part by PASMA, with the association sponsoring PAS 250 and producing the new pavement licence guidance. The seminars' success at SHE 2013 led to PASMA replicating them by setting up a seminar theatre for the first time at June's Vertikal Days event.

Both talks can be viewed on the 'Recent Uploads' section of the AIF YouTube channel. They can also be found individually, with the PAS 250 talk here and the pavement licence talk here.


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