28 January 2014

PASMA's response to new HSE guidance

PASMA's response to new HSE guidance

Building a positive, proactive safety culture is central to the role of PASMA, the trade association representing the mobile access tower industry, which is why today it has welcomed the launch of the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) new and simplified guidance on working at height.

Since the publication of Professor Ragnar Lofstedt’s independent review of health and safety regulation, the association has cooperated with the national regulator to help produce clear, easy to follow guidance that gives everyone a better understanding of the practical implications of the Work at Height Regulations - which remain unchanged.

PASMA chairman Chris Blantern said: “The Regulations always were, and remain, fit for purpose. What needed attention was the accompanying guidance, an issue that has now been addressed following an extensive consultation period involving not only PASMA, but other work at height organisations and industry trade bodies.

“Throughout this process the aim was to help business and industry – particularly micro businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) – to adopt practical and, most importantly, proportionate measures, making it easier for people to comply with the law and manage the risks associated with working at height in a sensible way.

“PASMA welcomes the decision by the HSE not to modify the Work at Height Regulations which were, after all, introduced to help prevent the deaths and injuries caused each year by falls at work, but rather to produce new, simplified guidance designed to provide straightforward and uncomplicated advice to anyone working at height.

“I have no doubt that this new guidance, combined with the knowledge and information available from PASMA and other specialist trade bodies, and, of course, professional training to industry recognised standards, will make a major contribution to advancing the height safety agenda.”

Driving standards and best practice, and overseeing the delivery of the national and now international tower training scheme, PASMA is the long established focus and authority for the mobile access tower industry. It provides advice, guidance and support to its many members and the tower sector at large. It is also a leading contributor to the setting of both national and international standards.

The specific publications are INDG401 'Work at height - A brief guide to the law' and INDG455 'Safe use of ladders and step ladders - A brief guide'. The HSE’s new guidance and refreshed working at height web pages can be found here.

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