22 April 2014

PASMA & Administrate

PASMA & Administrate

PASMA is pleased to announce a partnership with Administrate, a provider of online training management software.  Based in Edinburgh, Administrate is designed to help training providers save time and money by streamlining how their training centres operate.

In addition to Administrate's standard features, this partnership will create a special edition of Administrate’s training management system, learning management system, and online booking system that includes a few additional features for PASMA members.

The PASMA Edition of Administrate includes preloaded course templates, an automatic reporting mechanism for member companies to inform PASMA of successful delegate details, a dedicated users group for PASMA members, special pricing, and some additional support offerings.

PASMA members who choose to use Administrate will join a global community of companies, internal training departments, and higher education institutions that range from Fortune 500 organisations to smaller "one man band" training companies.

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