30 May 2014

iPad donated to Yorkhill Children's Hospital

iPad donated to Yorkhill Children's Hospital

On Wednesday, 28th June PASMA's Chairman Chris Blantern visited the association's head office in Glasgow to donate an iPad Mini to Yorkhill Chlidren's Hospital.

The Chairman's Hi-Point Access won the iPad in a competition to build a cardboard model tower in the fastest time possible, held as part of last year's Tower Week. Hi-Point's entry took a total of 31 seconds.

Yorkhill Children's Charity provides care for sick children and their families through the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow's Yorkhill area - the largest children's hospital in Scotland. Children's hospitals including Yorkhill are increasingly using tablets like iPads not just to give children something to do, but to show them what is happening in operations, for example, through interactive applications.

More details about the charity can be found on the Yorkhill website.

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