06 June 2014

First PASMA CoreSkills+ talk to focus on safe towers

First PASMA CoreSkills+ talk to focus on safe towers

At the IOSH Conference on 17th-18th June, mobile access tower industry body PASMA will use its first ever CoreSkills+ workshop to launch the next phase of its safe towers campaign. The seminar, which counts towards the CPD of those taking part, can be registered for through the conference website.

PASMA’s ongoing campaign, launched in May, has so far seen the association give out hundreds of Tower Safety Packs as well as specialist information.

The association will be joining the Access Industry Forum (AIF) in providing a suite of work at height workshops, as well as exhibiting at the first ever Safety & Health Expo (SHE 2014) to be held in London on 17th-19th June.

PASMA’s workshop, along with those of other AIF members, will be held on Wednesday, 18th June. Its presentation will provide the first in-depth look at its new campaign encouraging the use of safe, EN1004 compliant mobile access towers over potentially dangerous alternatives.

The campaign was launched recently with a new section on scaffold towers on the PASMA website, which also offers free Tower Safety Packs to anyone who requests one.

PASMA has also looked at case studies  showing the dangers of misusing unsafe towers, including a man who took his 10 year old son onto a scaffold with wide open unprotected spaces.

This next stage sees PASMA’s Technical Director Don Aers speak publicly about the campaign for the first time.

Don Aers said: “There is no need for people to put their lives at risk through a lot of the dangerous work at height that is happening every day – a common problem like not having properly fitted guardrails can be easily fixed just by having safe equipment such as an EN1004 tower.

“Our campaign has been telling people that when you use a tower your life and the lives of others may depend on whether it is safe. More people die in falls from height than from any other cause in the workplace, and our goal now is to make sure that we take this message to everyone who it can affect.”

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