21 August 2014

New AIF Pocketcard

New AIF Pocketcard

Released for the first time this year, the AIF PocketCard is not only a source of the most vital information that anyone working at height needs to know about, with its list of contacts it is also the easiest way to get in touch with the right people for any work at height issue.

Copies of the PocketCard can be ordered by calling the AIF’s Head Office on 0845 020 4242.

The PocketCard explains in simple terms the most important, practical things to watch out for when working at height. It explains how to ensure work at height is safe, by first avoiding it where possible, and otherwise preventing the risk of a fall, or minimising that risk.

On the flipside of the card is the Ask The Experts section. This gives a list of contact details for the expert trade bodies who are the best people to speak to, and shows which should be contacted about what types of equipment.

Remember, to get your own PocketCard, or to learn more, all you have to do is call 0845 020 4242 or email info@accessindustryforum.org.uk.

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