04 August 2011

Lofstedt Review

Lofstedt Review

PASMA (as part of the AIF) has given evidence to the government-commissioned review of Health & Safety chaired by Professor Ragnar Lofstedt, director of the King's Centre for Risk Management. He took evidence in person from the Managing Director of PASMA, Peter Bennett. After finishing the interviews and receiving all written submissions, Professor Lofstedt reviewed the evidence with his five-strong advisory panel, tested their conclusions on other academics before submitting them to the government in October.

In November 2011 the Lofstedt Review was published, recognising there were problems with the current system the report made the following recommendations:

*The body of health & safety regulation should be streamlined
*Enforcement activity must be redirected toward businesses where there is the greatest risk of injury or ill health
*The status of pre-action protocols (the rules about how businesses approach disputes) should be clarified and liability provisions reviewed so that businesses that have acted reasonably can defend themselves.

By the summer of 2012:

*Health and safety guidance for small businesses from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), professional bodies and insurers should be much simpler and consistent.
*Low-risk businesses that manage their responsibilities properly will no longer be visited by inspectors.

By 2013:

*Self-employed people whose work poses no threat to others will be exempt from health and safety law.
*Approved Codes of Practice will give businesses clear practical examples of how to comply with the law.
*Unnecessary regulations will be revoked.

By 2014:

*A simpler accident reporting regime should be in place.
*HSE will receive enhanced powers to drive consistent enforcement for all businesses.
*Regulations will be consolidated by industry sector, making it clear which provisions businesses need to comply with.

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