10 June 2016

PASMA and HSE host webinar

PASMA and HSE host webinar

As part of the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) Help GB Work Well Strategy, HSE and PASMA delivered a live webinar for H&S inspectors, regulators and local authority environmental health and trading standards officers.

Hosted by Claire Bruce, HSE Safety Unit, and Don Aers, PASMA Technical Director, this webinar was produced to equip attendees with the vital skills and knowledge necessary to assess and identify suspect towers in the context of current guidance, legislation and enforcement. 

Also highlighted was the inherent dangers of using non-compliant equipment in contrast with EN 1004 compliant equipment, along with information on the two PASMA approved access methods referenced in the PASMA Code of Practice, 3T and Advanced Guardrail (AGR).

The Help GB Work Well Strategy was established to focus on a number of priority themes over the next five years in a bid to improve even further on the UK’s reputable health and safety record.

For HSE guidance on mobile access tower safety, please click here.


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